About Me

Hi! I’m Andrew Maxey from AMaxEducation! I love teaching and helping others become more CONFIDENT in speaking English!

Let me tell you about my background: I was born in a town north of Chicago,Illinois in 1971. When I was five, my parents moved us to a small town outside of Houston, Texas. Ten years later, we moved to northern Mississippi (home of American Music!) and at 19 years of age, I moved to Brooklyn, NY. Seven years later, I got married in a town near Boise, Idaho. Thirteen years later, my wife and I left the US and have been living abroad ever since. While teaching for six years outside the US, I’ve come to realize that English is a language most want to improve. The best way is to speak with natives, especially those who are professional teachers. Why? Not only can they explain common, everyday expressions; they can explain the grammar technically and practically. This can only be achieved by someone whose English is their ‘mother tongue’. Let me help you with my blog. Please enjoy